Trying to find a new or used bike? You're not alone. For all the economic pain caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there are some industries that have thrived, and one of them is bicycles. One silver lining in all of this has been that families are spending more time together outdoors. And one of the safest ways families can do this is by taking a bike ride.

In the evenings, we have noticed more family bike rides than ever before in Sioux Falls. But if you're looking for a new bike or to upgrade your 2-wheeler, you may be having a difficult time finding one. According to Bloomberg, bike sales are up over 300% from this time last year.

Driven by people who are hesitant to get into a gym or a little leery about public transportation, bicycles are the perfect answer. Or maybe it's just pent up energy. And with over 19 miles of paved bike trails in Sioux Falls, it makes perfect sense.

Cycling industry trends analyst Jay Townley said bicycle sales over the past two months have had their biggest spike in the U.S. since the 1970s oil crisis. Because of that, there are shortages when trying to buy a bicycle of weeks or even possibly months.

So, where can I find a bike? I wish I had an answer. Checking eBay, I noticed that kids bikes are selling for more than double their value. You can buy locally at fine dealers such as Erik's Bike Shop, Scheel's, Spoke n' Sport, Sioux Falls Bicycle Company, or you can check out the big box stores like Target. Most offer appointments to work one-on-one with a bike specialist and offer curbside pickup after designing your ride on their websites. And sometimes luck strikes on Facebook Rummage.

However you find your next bike, make sure to wear a helmet, and that your kids' bikes have lights for after-dark rides.

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