When Big Time Rush performed for First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House for the Kids State Dinner in August, she told the group that making smart choices was key. That struck a chord with BTR's Kendall Schmidt, who penned an open letter to her about iAquaponics, the website he and his brothers are launching in order to educate the public on commercial food production and its planet-friendly alternatives.  It's something Schmidt is wholly passionate about.

The Schmidts' model is to grow the fish and produce populations inside cities in the U.S. and the world. To sum it up, Kendall said, "Our concept is part 'Let's Find a More Efficient Way to Feed People Affordable, High-Quality Food' and part 'Let's Move.'"

Aquaponics merges aquaculture, which is fish farming, with hydroponics, which is growing plants in soil-less environments. The process is efficient and renewable and produces little waste. Without breaking down too much of the science, it's an earth-friendly way of doing things and Kendall is working to spread the word about this way of life.

We love a boy band member with a keen understanding of the "bigger picture."

See Schmidt's letter here.

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