Home school, eLearning, distance learning, whatever you want to call doing school with your kids over the Internet, is a way of life right now. But the most important piece of equipment isn't a computer or even the modem your Internet comes in on. It's a pencil sharpener.

After trying to fight with the little tiny hand sharpener while helping my son do his school work I finally decided I didn't care what it cost to get a more convenient pencil sharpener. My wife made a grocery run and I asked her to stop at Staples and get one. She sent me pics and prices of a couple of different ones that she was debating and I was totally fine with $30 for an electric. She found the perfect solutions. A hand-crank model, similar to the ones I remembered in school, except it had a suction cup to stick it to the kitchen table. It was perfect.

Now when we get the kids ready to do school it is so easy to prep a couple of pencils and hands them to the boys. I used to break tips on them every time with the twisty ones. Now the hardest part of my day is easier. Get one. You won't regret it.

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