As we enter the dog days of summer, a lot of people are hitting the local swimming pools, taking those summer vacations and cooking out more than ever.

One of the most popular signature summer foods to cook is the hot dog! A frank or wiener that is steamed or grilled and served in a sliced bun. But where in South Dakota can a person get the best hot dog?

Well, Gourmandize recently published the best hot dog from every state and they say that the best place to get a delicious hot dog in the South Dakota is in Keystone at Teddy's Deli.

If you're craving a hot dog in South Dakota, don't miss vintage sports bar  Teddy's Deli in Keystone, and be sure to try a Nathan's Hot Dog with Sauerkraut and their homemade chips!

So the next time you head out the the Black Hills make a quick stop at Teddy's Deli in Keystone and grab yourself a tasty hot dog!

Source: Gourmandize

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