If you've ever received a speeding ticket you know how expensive they can be. First there is the ticket itself that can cost you a bundle. Then there is the cost of increased premiums when your car insurance company finds out you got busted.

For those reasons and others we do our best to get out of a speeding ticket. But what excuses are most effective when trying to get out of a ticket?

Carinsurance.com did a survey and asked when, why, how often, and how much they speed, as well as what excuses they give to get out of a ticket.

Here are some of the Most Successful Excuses For Getting Out Of A Speeding Ticket:

  1. 32% claimed they didn’t realize they were speeding.
  2. 20% said they were late for work.
  3. 20% told police there was a medical emergency.
  4. 17% offered that they had to use the bathroom.
  5. 17% said they didn’t see the speed limit sign.
  6. 16% remarked they were going as fast as everyone else.
  7. 13% blamed being late to pick up or drop off a child.
  8. 12% remarked that they were late for a doctor’s appointment.
  9. 10% said they were late for a court appointment.
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