As a society, we often talk about food and more specifically - burgers. You are probably smiling right now as you think of your favorite.

This area has a fine variety of restaurants and eateries from large franchises to small boutique places and mom & pop joints with just about everything in between.

If you were to ask me about where I would go for certain foods, I could rattle of an answer with ease for most anything such as milkshakes. The answer - the espresso milkshake at Coffea. Donuts -  the Flandreau Bakery and then the revered comfort-of-all-comfort foods - the burger. Easy. Tea Steakhouse & O'Toole's Bar in Tea.

Recently, I brought some friends that had not yet been to O'Toole's. While the Tea Steakhouse and O'Toole's are connected, I usually sit in O'Toole's as the food, paired with my frosted glass of red beer, goes so well with the sports on the TV. The menu can be enjoyed in both places.

We all ordered with most everyone getting some variation of the cheeseburger. I got the cheeseburger deluxe with a side of hash browns.

When the food came, the fascination in the eyes of the first-timers was much like that of a kid opening a present on Christmas morn. They were amazed at the food, the size of the burger and then the taste.

The veggies we fresh on the burger, the bun was perfect and the hamburger was juicy and full of flavor. The rest of patrons may not have appreciated our choir of num-num noises but we didn't care.

We were takin care of burger business and workin' overtime!

I should also say a few words about the hash browns. I feel that this has long been the misunderstood and under-appreciated little sibling in the spud family.

I'm not sure exactly how they are prepared but one of my coworkers said that it seems as if they gently butter each little potato shred and grill it to its peak flavor. Well-said.

I could go on and on about the food here but all it will do is make you hungrier. My hope is that to satisfy your burger beast and just do what the big sign in the dining room directs: Bring your Sugar to Tea.

See you soon Tea.

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