Wednesday 12/12/12 - Happy Birthday to Your Wedding It's "Case of Beer Day"

  • Public Enemy In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    Public Enemy is part of the 2013 class of inductees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  • 'Top Gun' gets 3D Treatment

    The Movie 'Top Gun' is getting a 3D makeover and will be on IMAX screens. It will make a short run in February 2013 just before it comes out on a special edition Blu-Ray.

  • Angry Birds Movie is a Real Thing

    The folks behind 'Angry Birds' are making a movie. The are working with the people behind 'Despicable Me' on a movie that will come out in 2016.

  • Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Like Music for Love.

    The thing is that they like to listen to Mariah Carey music while they and kissing. Yea for another layer of gross.

  • Morgan May be Back in Season Three!

    Lennie James who played Morgan in the 'Walking Dead' pilot may make a return in the second half of season three. Lennie is a wonderful actor, he was great on 'Hung' and 'Jericho.' I know this is an old rumor but Morgan was so great in the pilot that I have been hoping and waiting for his return so much that I'll talk up the possibility whenever.

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