Friday 11/23/12 - Today we wonder why Rick Grimes is not one of the years Most Fascinating People and break down the Dawn confusion.

  • Rick Miss Out on Being One of the Most Fascinating People of 2012

    So being the best leader in the Zombie Apocalypse isn't enough to make Barbara Walter's precious list huh? What does he need to do? end The Governor's rein of terror - 'Cuz he will.

  • Countdown To Turkey Chili

    Now that Thursday is over we can get down to business and use that turkey for its intended purpose - CHILI.

  • Don't Confuse the 'Dawn' Movies

    If you go to the movies this weekend don't get confused by all the movies with the word 'Dawn' in the title. Here is a cheat sheet - 'Red Dawn' doesn't have vampires, but does have Thor. 'Breaking Dawn' has a twist ending but again, no vampires.

  • Rihanna's Tour Rider Is the Same as a Dorm Room Kitchen

    TMZ says that on her recent 777 tour Rihanna's contract requires that backstage at each show there be -- One package of Oreos, One large bag of Haribo brand Gold Bears, One box of Capri Sun, 10 bags of cheddar cheese Ruffles,10 bags of Flaming Hot Cheetos, Stuffed olives, One box of, Golden Grahams cereal, Mini Babybel cheeses.

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