Friday 12/28/12 - Spiderman Dead, Getting Jelly, More.

  • Spiderman is Dead-Long Live Spiderman!

    In issue #700 of 'The Amazing Spiderman' Peter Parker gets killed by Doc Ock. But in a twist, Pete and D Ock switch brains and then Ock becomes the good guy and will continue to kiss upside down in the rain.

  • Words That Need To Go Away

    'Time' magazine did a poll of words that can stay behind in 2012. On the list are words like adorkable, cray (short for crazy), literally (because it is almost literally not used correctly), YOLO and jelly (short for jealous). I have never herd of jelly and I like it, I'm going to try to make it the word of 2013, sorry 'Time.'

  • Here is the trailer for 'High Fidelity' On of My Top 5 Movies

  • What's Up With Brit?, like, what's up Britney? You OK? I heard that your ex-brother-in-law says that you stole his credit card and he is your baby daddy. But it is all a hoax. Then I totes herd that you may get fired from the 'X-Factor' because you're too boring. What's up girl?

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