Sometimes my son and I play the game "Who Would Win?" He asks me who would win: Superman or Batman? The answer, of course, is Batman. It's always Batman. Hulk or Batman? Batman. SubZero or Batman? Bat to the Man! Luke Skywalker or Batman? Bats would sent that moisture farmer back to Tosche Station with his power converters shoved in a thermal exhaust port.

Batman is the best, always. So, I'll give any Batman adaptation a try. The latest is a TV drama called Gotham. The first trailer for the FOX show premiered this recently, and my first impression is guarded excitement. Watch it below.

Excitement; first because Batman. Second, because the show looks like it could be a very good, gritty cop show. The center of the show is a young Jim Gordon, a new detective on the GCPD. The central plot of the series looks to be Gorden's quest to find the man who murdered young Bruce Wayne's parents. Also, the city is falling into The Wire style decay, so Gordon and his older partner, played by Donal Logue, have to fight against the rising crime and evil.

Guarded; because it could be just another "when they were young" origin story, blah, blah. Hey look it's a young Joker! And there's preteen Catwoman! Maybe she and Bruce will go to Homecoming at the end of season 3! If there ends up being the Batman equivalent of pod racing or midichlorians I'm out.

One of the great thing about adaptions of the Batman story is that there is lots of room for interpretation. It's easy to use the framework of the mythos to explore modern ideas. The show could tell great allegorical stories about life in the second decade of the 21st Century; privacy, justice, inequality. There is the possibility of greatness. And at least it isn't on The CW, so maybe we can avoid too much sappy junk, and vampires.

Gotham premieres this fall of FOX. My DVR is already ready to go.

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