Yes, there was alcohol involved in this crash on Interstate 29 Wednesday morning near Summit, South Dakota, but only because the Bud Light was all over the median.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol says that the driver of the semi filled with beer fell asleep behind the wheel, woke up and over-corrected his driving, which then caused the semi to leave the road.  The semi entered the median, rolled on it's side, spilling the contents of the trailer...cases and cases of Bud Light on the ground and roadway.

The driver was wearing his seat belt and left the scene with non-life threatening injuries from the crash.  Most of the Bud Light wasn't that lucky, however.   Unfortunately, many were taken before their time in this accident.

Alcohol was not a factor in the crash.

Beer Truck Tipped Over Near Sisseton
SD Highway Patrol/Facebook

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