Sure polar bears, seals, and humpbacks are all victims of global warming - and that’s not cool. But now it seems mother nature has finally crossed the line. The latest victims of global warming will be beer drinkers.

Oh, the humanity!

One of the crops most affected by rising temperature is barley. And scientists -  according to the latest study published on Monday -  predicted that the cost of beer will rise sharply in the coming decades.

Seriously, I’m not even quite over the fact that the price of a good craft beer is double that of the old domestic standbys. Beer math tells me I can get a six-pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for the same price as 24 cans of Icehouse.

Scientists also predict that toward the end of the century barley could be in real trouble, and with So just a heads up to the avocado toast-nibbling millennial's great, great, great, grandchildren.

In light of this study by Nature, I believe the only logical solution is to stock up on beer. Lots of beer.

It kind of adds insult to injury. There’s a heat wave, so you want a beer. But it costs more.” - Nathan Mueller of the University of California, Irvine

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