You didn't think I was done telling you about my Black Hills trip yet, did you?

While the vacation was still relaxing we did try to do as much as possible. One of our days in the Black Hills we covered a lot of ground and did some essential West River things: Beer, BBQ, and Wild Bill.

We had lunch at Crow Peak Brewing in Spearfish, SD. Well, technically Crow Peak wasn't serving food, but just across the parking lot was Bunky's BBQ, which apparently is a big deal. It might not look like much, but word on the street is, it's hard to get. It's one of those places that only makes so much food a day and when they're out, they're out. We were lucky that they were not out. I had a pulled pork sandwich with beans and coleslaw. My friend had the brisket. Bunky definitely deserves his reputation. They also had a delicious bread pudding with a caramel sauce that I could just drink from a jug. It was so good.

My Crow Peak beer of choice was, I believe, the Peachberry Blonde. I was told their Breakfast Beer was the one to get, and I did try it, and it was good, I just liked the Peachberry better.

Quick side note: Crow Peak actually just won the People's Choice Award at the 605 Summer Classic. Congrats!

After lunch, we drove the 20ish minutes to Deadwood. We arrived just in time to see a re-enactment in the middle of the street. Then, after I lost $20 in 5 seconds, we went to the No.10 Saloon to watch Wild Bill Hickok get shot!

He was gracious enough afterwards to take a photo with us. Can you believe that scoundrel Jack McCall got in the photo too!

The re-enactment of Wild Bill's last poker game was actually pretty funny. They had volunteers from the audience play the bartenders and other poker players. They had a good time with it. When the fatal shot happens, obviously you know it's coming, but I still jumped out of my seat.

Beer, BBQ, and Wild Bill

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