I had the honor of attending an EmBe program recognizing outstanding Sioux Falls women last spring. While there I met and chatted with a graduate of the Dress for Success program facilitated by EmBe. That remarkable young woman's life is a shining testament to the metamorphosis this program offers.

In no uncertain terms she relayed to us the importance of the program in her now successful life, and how much her coaches had come to mean to her, professionally and personally.

If you would like to have that kind of impact on someone's life, your opportunity is waiting at EmBe! Right now they are looking for coaches for the Dress for Success program. As a coach you will work one-on-one with women who are laboring to revamp their image, revise their viewpoint, achieve success and negotiate a brighter, more promising and ultimately, more rewarding future.

There are two areas where you can become an empowering force for women attempting to move toward accomplishment:

  •  As a career coach, you'll help clients improve the skills which can help them find employment or get a promotion (mock interviews, cover letter and resume writing, etc.)
  •  As a client coach you'll help women choose attire which gives them the professional appearance they need to look and feel capable of success

EmBe is holding training sessions on Wednesday, September 27, at their office at 620 West 18th Street; at 11 AM for anyone interested in becoming a career coach and at 12 PM if you'd like to become a client coach. Prior to the training sessions you do need to fill out a volunteer application.

For more information call 605-610-0665, go to EmBe online or see them on Facebook.

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