Here we go guys, once again we face one of the most challenging days of the year. Another Valentine's Day is upon us.

For generations men have struggled to get the right stuff for her on this day of honoring their sweetheart.

There was a time I actually found it easy. When I was in fifth grade, I gave this pretty little girl some heart shaped candy that had the message I Luv You.

It made her eyes just sparkle. Then somewhere along the way, things got a little more difficult.

I've been doing some serious studying for knowing how to choose the right things. I ran across an interesting segment in Men's Health that I would like to share.

Most men think they're doing well with certain gifts but women see them differently. Here are some examples:

The Gift: Chocolates

  • What men see: A classic token of your affection
  • What she sees: A serious lack of imagination and 10 hours of aerobics
  • Strategy: Skip it

The Gift: A professional massage

  • What Men see: A way to pass the back-rub buck
  • What she sees: A man who knows what a women wants
  • Strategy: Give it

The Gift: A romantic dinner for two at a french restaurant

  • What men see: $117 plus tax & tip
  • What she sees: Candlelight, champagne, souffle'... heaven
  • Strategy: Charge


The Gift: A slinky red teddy from Victoria Secret

  • What men see: The gift that keeps on giving
  • What she sees: Soft. Silky. Just the right amount of sleaze
  • Strategy: Get the right size!

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