Since the pandemic, which as we found out from one of our listeners today is still a BIG deal, professional sports have gone to mostly a cashless business. You use a card or your phone to buy tickets, get into the game, and order snacks and beer. One Minnesota Twins fan this weekend alleges that the all-digital/cashless switchover led to one vendor employee helping himself to 'unearned tips'.

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Image Credit: @calebbruynes via Twitter
Image Credit: @calebbruynes via Twitter

There was some strong language at the end of the Twitter thread, but as you read the claims made are somewhat substantial if this was something that had been happening during the game and or season.

I can see how it could be tempting for someone to do this, as a customer signs for the card and flips it around without hitting the tip button, it would just take a second to hit a suggested tip amount, but it's wrong to assume and just take rather than ask or earn that tip yourself.

Most workers at Twins games are volunteers from organizations that are selling concessions as a way to benefit their organizations.

It's unclear if anything was done with Robert, as the concession stand area wasn't noted, but it certainly gave me pause to start checking my card before, during, and after professional sporting events from here on out.

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