Well the 2018 MLB season has come to an end. The Boston Red Sox won the world series and their 4th since the beginning of the 2000's. So to celebrate another amazing year of baseball, the crew over at Bad Lip Reading decided to put some truly hilarious words in these athletes' mouths.

In a clip posted Monday, off-the-wall comments synced with athletes’, managers’ and umpires with phrases such as:

"Here comes your wife with a proper athlete." 

"Don't need to look because we're divorced." 

"No, you ought to look at her, she's just right there!" 

"You know I'm not gonna look." 

The popular YouTube channel parodies everything from sports, politics, and movies! Check out some of their other clips over youtube.com/user/BadLipReading. Oh and don't forget, since Mookie Betts stole a base in the first game of the World Series, everyone gets free Doritos Locos Tacos today. (11/1)


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