Backstreet Boys postponed all their North American tour dates yesterday and that included their show in Sioux Falls that was planned for August at The DenSanPremCen.

Further details and new tour dates are supposed to be available next week. In a video posted to their social media, AJ and Brian told fans to hold on to their tickets.

While we are all a little bummed that we have to wait, I have just the thing to help! I actually went to the 'DNA Tour' in Omaha last Summer so you can enjoy my photos and review to help curb those BSB cravings.


Below is my original post from September 11 of 2019:

I saw the Backstreet Boys in concert for the fourth time last weekend in Omaha.

I know I'm a little partial because I love them, but they just keep getting better.

The show was two hours of non-stop hits!

They paced the show perfectly. Up-tempo, slow jams, new stuff, old stuff, all mixed so perfectly together.

Each guy had a moment with the audience to talk a little and sing a bit. Then Kevin and A.J. actually did a quick change on stage. They were behind screens, but still, what a fun idea!

Baylee Litrell was their opener. He is Brian's son who is trying to make it on his own as a country artist. So cute!

I need to take a moment real quick to pat myself on the back! I somehow scored perfect seats! (Aside from being front row or having backstage passes.) We could see the stage great and I was up just high enough that 5'2'' me was very happy.

In the middle of the show, there was a ballad section. Which, let's face it, boy bands and love songs just go together, but then the guys disappeared and a montage started on the screen. The music was a mashup/remix of what was to come and it was all the party jams! The last 30 to 40 minutes was just hit after hit! I'm talking "Everybody", "We've Got It Goin On", "It's Gotta Be You", "Get Another Boyfriend", "The One", and "I Want It That Way".

I was dancing and singing so hard! Then before you knew it, the show was over!

The encore was "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (the new bop) and "Larger Than Life" (an old bop).

The last big note hit on "Larger Than Life" and the confetti and streamers and fireworks popped and it was done. It took my heart a moment to catch up!

I was so excited that I was actually close enough to catch some streamers! (I still have them BTW. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them.)

I would like to thank the Backstreet Boys for giving me another amazing experience and for playing all of my favorite songs! Thanks! You're the best!


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