Believe it or not, Backstreet Boys album, Millennium, is turning 20 on May 18th. How did that happen? Time flies when you're having fun, I suppose.

Well, anyway, to celebrate the guys have some special things planned. All week, they will be releasing special versions of the music videos from Millennium. You have to subscribe to their YouTube channel to see the new ones as they are released.

I thought I knew everything about the boys, but these music video factoids actually have some good tidbits in them!

Also, you can now buy Millennium on vinyl! For all you vinyl collectors or superfans, your collection will be complete.

The vinyl is a picture disk and has a clear sleeve! Fancy!

You can pre-order yours here! However, you will be waiting awhile. The vinyl isn't actually being released until August 16. Patience is a virtue.

What is your favorite song from Millennium?

Is it "I Want It That Way" or maybe "Larger Than Life"? I think mine is "The One". That song always gets me hyped! It's a bop for sure!



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