Believe it or not, that is a corn field after the 3 inch rain one week ago. That was on top of 1.5 inches a couple days before. After these pictures were taken we received another 1.5 inches last weekend! Yes, 6 inches of rain in 8 days at the farm in southern Minnesota. We were fortunate though because New Richland just a few miles to the East received a lot more and had serious flooding!

attachment-flood one

Faribault managed to miss the heavy rain until last weekend. In fact last week some farmers especially in Northern Rice County were in the field planting corn and beans. Then last Saturday night it was there turn to get "dumped" on. Monday morning I received reports of 4 and even 5 inches of rain just west of Faribault! What is the old phrase, misery loves company?

On a positive note, if we can dodge the rain and possible thunder storms today we may be back in the fields this weekend. Earlier this week on Tuesday almost all the water that was standing in the low spots, or pot-holes as we call them had disappeared! The soil was looking dry on top but was very wet under the surface. Another 3 or 4 days of warm sunshine and a little wind can sure help dry out the soil.

Another positive note if we can get the last of the corn planted and soybeans next week we could still harvest a very good crop this fall. If Mother Nature cooperates the rest of the growing season? Sure, much of the crop was planted a little later than normal but there is a lot of growing season left that can be favorable for crop development!

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