You drive by one on your way to work each day and this time of year you scope out the marquee waiting to read the words you've longed for all winter. OPEN FOR THE SEASON. B & G Milkyway is back in business for another year and that means ice cream.

From the day they opened their first store in the mid-'50s on West 12th Street, this Sioux Falls icon continues churning out everything YUM through the warm months of the year. From ice cream to hot dogs, Sloppy Joe's to Walking Taco's. And how about an order of chili fries to go along with that chocolate malt?

If you live close by to one of the soon-to-be eight locations, then your treat, and after dinner walk maybe just a few blocks or a short drive away. Why not give Grandma and Grampa a call and meet them there?

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Take a look on the B & G Milkyway website to find a location near you.

Great news for Harrisburg residents, a new store is expected to open this year.

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