The third stop on my European Holiday was Germany!

The German stop included the town of Boppard, where we boarded a Rhine River cruise. We also stopped in Rothenburg ob der Tauber or just Rothenburg for short.

Being in and driving in Germany was super weird. At times, I forgot where I was because it looks a lot like the midwest then all of a sudden you'd see a castle or pass by a small town that was ancient.

It made sense to me that a lot of German settlers came to the midwest, my family included, because the land and climate was similar.

I also learned that Germans were the first to decorate trees for Christmas. So, the Germans take Christmas very seriously. In Rothenburg, there is a huge Christmas market every year, but they also have Christmas store open year round.

Also, Rothenburg is one of the only walled cities left. Way back in the day, a lot of towns and village put walls around them for protection, but with war and time those walls usually came down, but not in Rothenburg. It was pretty cool to see the town almost as it was originally.

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