Watch out, Selena — everybody wants a little piece of Justin Bieber!

As big of a name as JB is in the pop world, it’s no surprise that so many artists want to collaborate with him in the studio. So far this year we can expect to hear three joint efforts with Austin Mahone, Cody Simpson and Chris Brown. Even though we’re dying to hear them all, we just have to ask, PopCrushers — which collab are you most excited for?

Austin Mahone opened up to us exclusively on his work with the fellow teen heartthrob. “It’s a song that [Justin] had written and gave to me, so he was in the studio helping me record that,” he shared. “It’s kind of like a mid-tempo, R&B-pop type deal.” Unfortunately for us Mahomies and Beliebers, we’ve got a little bit of a wait before we hear this perfection. Austin said that the song won’t be released until the end of this year or by next year!

Australian cutie Cody Simpson also shared studio time with the ‘Believe’ star recently. The 17-year-old revealed the two wrote a “beautiful guitar track” together. Intriguing! Considering he added that they’re able to “relate when it comes to love and women,” can we assume that it’s a romantic ballad? Only time will tell — and who knows how much time! The singer hasn’t dropped any more hints on when we’ll get to hear this mysterious song. We’re waiting, Cody!

Chris Brown was spotted with the Biebs as well, when Justin shared a photo of him, Chris and Akon in a studio. The R&B star and JB collaborated on ‘Next to You’ from his 2011 album ‘F.A.M.E.,’ so we have at least a little idea of what we can expect from these two. Still, both Chris and Justin have matured in the last four years, and Justin especially has made big changes to his sound. Who knows what the new song will sound like! Neither singer has given any more clues or info on what could be coming (or when), but we’re still excited nonetheless.

Austin, Cody and Chris all bring something different to the table, so we’re sure each collab with Justin will have its own unique sound. Which one are you dying to hear the most? Vote for your choice below!

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