No, this isn't a new horror movie. And, you're not sitting alone at the gas pump shaking from fright before filling up your gas tank.

Take a look at your vehicle's fuel gauge. Is it approaching the half-mark? Anything below half right now may have you shouting expletives when the pump shuts off.

Around South Dakota and Minnesota just like other places around the country, the price of gas has vaulted to record highs. Sioux Falls's average currently is around $4.49 per gallon. Ouch!

I just returned from filling up my gas can for filling up the lawnmower. Whew! May be cheaper to buy a couple of goats.

With two older vehicles in the driveway at our house gas mileage isn't the best. If you find yourself wanting better gas mileage for your cars, check out the tips below.


5 Tips for Getting Better Gas Mileage

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Read on to explore the cost of gas over time and rediscover just how much a gallon was when you first started driving.

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