Ariel Winter got real about her recent weight loss after a fan asked her why she's so "thin."

The Modern Family star addressed her fluctuating weigh during a Q&A on Instagram, revealing her decision to get off antidepressant medication caused her to slim down. Winter, who has a history with body-shaming trolls, also opened up about how difficult it was to lose the extra weight she'd gained from the meds despite how hard she tried.


“For years I had been on antidepressants that caused me to gain weight that I couldn’t lose no matter what I did,” she explained. “It was always frustrating for me because I wanted to be able to get fit and feel like the work I was doing was paying off, but it never felt that way. I had accepted it and moved on.”

She revealed she eventually did find a medication that works for her—both mentally and physically. "I decided I was sick of feeling eh (had nothing to do with weight) so I started the process again and was able to find a great combination of medication that works for me," the actress shared. “The change in medication instantly made me drop all of the weight I couldn’t lose before by just giving me back a metabolism. That was very unexpected.”

“I feel better mentally with the change, and it’s nice to work out and have your body actually respond, but I want to gain a few pounds of muscle and get healthier,” Winter wrote, adding, “Also want my butt back...”

Winter is yet another celebrity to speak out about their struggles with mental health. "There's nothing shameful about seeing a therapist or being on medication," she told fans, which is similar to the message Justin Bieber was trying to convey when he shared a selfie of himself during a therapy session last week.

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