Exactly one year ago today (!), we introduced you to Ariana and The Rose, an up-and-coming New York-bred singer-songwriter with an eye and ear for all things neon-lit, glittery and glam.

Now, following the release of tracks like "Survival of the Fittest" and "Dirty Dancing" over the course of the year, we're bringing you an acoustic version of her current single “Supercool,” the latter of which will be featured on Ariana and the Rose’s upcoming new EP, set for a March 2017 release in conjunction with a visit to SXSW.

"I'm excited to release an acoustic version of 'Supercool'," Ariana tells PopCrush of the acoustic guitar-led rendition of her single. "I wanted to bring out a more melancholy side to the song and give the lyrics and melody a chance to really come through."

Listen to the acoustic version of "Supercool" above, and check out the rollerskating-chic video for the original version of "Supercool" below.

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