If you read the back of your shampoo bottle, I have, chances are it says shampoo, rinse and repeat. But should you? Or is that just a way for the shampoo cartels to make more money?

For years I've had the same routine, shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse, and move on. So what is the right way to clean your hair and scalp?

There are a few different schools of thought on the topic.

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1)-On the topic of How to Wash Your Hair Stylecaster.com says this is the right method on the topic of How to Wash Your Hair:

1. Start with a rinse.
2. If you have long hair, condition first.
3. Lather up, but only at the scalp.
4. Be gentle!
5. Don't rinse and repeat.
6. Add conditioner from the mid-lengths to the tips.
7. Finish with a cold water rinse.

...Ah...cold water rinse...I don't think so.

2)-The folks at Glamour Magazine quote says Hairmedic director and consultant Iain Sallis who says...

“You don’t ‘need’ to wash your hair at all, but it usually feels nicer once we do. If your hair is particularly dirty, the first wash may not get rid of all of the grease and grime especially if the shampoo is mild or it contains ingredients that affect the detergent part such as a conditioning shampoo. The second wash will lather up better and make your hair feel cleaner in some cases but there is no real reason to do this.”

3)-The Naked Scientists asked Trichologist Sally-Ann... (a learned person who studies and treats hair and scalp issues)... “There is actually science behind the double hair wash method, and it is not a ploy to get you to buy more shampoo. It is really dependent on how often you wash your hair. If it’s short and you wash it every day, then no, you don’t need to shampoo twice, as your hair hasn’t had time to get oily. If you use a lot of product, you haven’t washed it for a couple of days, or it’s long or thick, you will need to wash it twice.

In summary...it would seem if your hair is dirty...wash it...a bunch if needed. You do you.


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