This Nebraska sky rabbit cloud picture was taken by my daughter on our drive home to South Dakota from Denver.

We had about eight hours of windshield time logged, and had run the list of road trip games, and had ended up with 'what animals do you see in the clouds?'

A game of desperation to keep our eyes open, and our minds occupied for the final three hours of our trip home.

Every family that has ever road tripped tries to occupy the car time with keeping kids entertained, and the adults sane.

Slug Bug usually starts out as a friendly game of punching your siblings in the shoulder when you see a Volkswagen, then ends up with bruises, and an argument.

Most road games start out with good intentions, end with threats from the parents to pull the car over or turn it around.

The first time my daughter dropped the "are we there yet" question on me around 4,000 times was on a trip to Omaha when she was around six years old.

I should probably patent the idea I came up with, pitch it on Shark Tank, make millions and retire, but I'll help a fellow traveler out.

When we left the Omaha hotel to return to South Dakota I handed my daughter, five Are We There Yet Tickets I had made.

They looked just like this.

Are We There Yet?

I explained the deal behind the tickets, anytime she wanted to know how much longer we had on the trip, she would have to us a Are We There Yet Card.

Once the cards where gone, no more questions or variations of how much longer we had.

I have to admit I thought it was brilliant, and I felt slightly bad looking at her in the rear view mirror desperately clinging to her last Are We There Yet Ticket.

But man did knowing I only had to answer the question five times made the questions so bearable.

It also freed me up to focus on other things, like which clouds resembled little woodland animals.

Drive safe and enjoy your family this summer.

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