We all know what's going on during the month of November this year.

And with a presidential election sometimes people like to post on social media a photo that shows they voted and encourage others to follow suit.

But it's important to know that in the state of South Dakota it is actually illegal to take a selfie at a polling station.

According to The New York Times,

"There are no federal laws regarding the taking of selfies at polling stations. But 18 states, including Alabama, Illinois and Florida, say it is not allowed. And for six others, the rules are ambiguous"- The New York Times.

Of course, you can still take a photo of yourself with an I voted sticker after you have exited the polling station and submitted your ballot.

In Texas and Delaware, voters can not have their cell phones within 100 feet of a polling station to help discourage such photos and temptations.

Some celebrities have gotten in some trouble for taking selfies at voting polls in the past.

Justin Timberlake back in 2016 took a selfie at a polling station in Tennessee and the situation could have been a lot worse for him than it was.

As a selfie while at a polling station in TN is considered a misdemeanor crime and punishable by either a $50 fine or thirty days in jail according to CNN.

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