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Recently, a Peleton ad has been getting some flack online. In the commercial, a wife is given a Peleton bike for Christmas and it chronicles her fitness journey for the year.

Some argue that you should never give your spouse exercise equipment, kitchen stuff, or cleaning supplies. Some say it can be considered an insult by insinuating that you need to lose weight, be a better cook, or a better housekeeper.

This blind cleaning tool helps to get the dust off of every single-blind and everywhere in between.


Want to give a cookbook to help someone who is just starting out? This one from Gordon Ramsey looks perfect.


Exercise at home without having to buy big machines? Yes, please!

There are also those that are annoyed that the woman in the commercial seems pretty in shape already, but I think that's a whole different discussion.

I think, that if you know your spouse then you would know how they feel about it. Maybe your significant other explicitly asked for a Peleton bike or if they really like to bake or cook, kitchen supplies would be perfect.

According to they asked: "If you got a fitness-related holiday gift, like a gym membership or home workout equipment, would you be HAPPY or INSULTED?38% of people say they'd be more pleased than insulted, only 7% would be more insulted than pleased and 44% wouldn't feel one way more than the other."

What do you think?

I suppose the safest bet is always a gift card. ‍♀️