We all know that there is an unspoken slight disdain for North Dakota here, right?

And the same goes for North Dakota about us. Why is that? Where did the dislike for one another come from?

Are we really that different from each other or do we share a lot of similarities besides a name?

A little video that I found on YouTube does a great job of answering all the above-listed questions:

South Dakota distains North Dakota for a decision that was made back in the late 1880s as Bismarck was named the territorial capital; which was quite inconvenient for anyone in what is now South Dakota to travel to!

South Dakota and North Dakota even fought over the 'Dakota' name that we both wanted so desperately after the native people who lived in the area at the time.

Thus, the compromise of the North Dakota and South Dakota name for the two states came to be.

But differences aside we actually have a lot in common with North Dakota.

We have similar seasons, are mostly comprised of prairie lands that become drier the more you head west, have around the same population size give or take with South Dakota being slightly bigger in both population size and land.

However, North Dakota's population has surpassed us a couple of times in the past but historically we tend to be pretty close.

The average age of residents in both states is around 35-37 years of age and both states have prominent agricultural infrastructures.

Yet despite all these similarities, there are still quite a few things we differ on.

North Dakotans tend to have a more Candian-sounding accent due to their close geographical location to Canada.

South Dakota has more thunderstorms and tornadoes compared to our northern neighbors.

North Dakota's economy on average has a higher GDP than South Dakota, but according to Forbes SD is better for local businesses.

Nevertheless, more North Dakotans have college degrees on average but also have to pay for a higher cost of living.

So are there more similarities than differences between the two states? Well, We'll let you be the judge of that.

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