My daughter loves April Fools Day. She spent much of her time this week coming up with things to do today. I got even.

I started my morning by trying to fill my water bottle before work. When I turned on the faucet water didn't come out of the conventional place, it just started to violently pool behind the entire apparatus and I shut it off. Being in my cloudy 4:40 am confusion, I thought the faucet was broken. The second time I turned it on I saw that it was the sprayer that was shooting water out against a plastic bowl placed over the top. Why did she cover it with a bowl? She knew she would get in trouble for it. She was right.

Just 40 minutes ago I was sitting where I am now, at my kitchen table, writing a post about how we got our boys to read books more when she sent me a text.

"I missed my (bus) stop," it said.

"Get off at next and I'll come to get you," I replied.

I checked the family tracker app we use and it didn't have a location for her. Not shocking considering her phone is often not using data so she doesn't accidentally burn it all up. A couple of minutes later I got another text from her, that she was at Harvey Dunn.

I closed my laptop and got into my car. On my way to Harvey Dunn, just a few blocks from the house, I was about to pass her normal bus stop when she started waving at me and walking to the curb. She got me again and thought it hilarious. I was mad for five seconds and got over it. I told her to turn her data or the location app back on.

"Yeah, I shut that off so you wouldn't know where I was."


After we got home I remembered that down in the basement I have an air horn. And I used it.


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