According to 24/7 Wall Street, the average American beer drinker enjoys 27 gallons of beer – or about 288 bottles – each year. In South Dakota, beer drinkers account for more than that. In fact, we're about a dozen or so gallons above the national average.

If the trends hold, South Dakota will catch up to North Dakota soon. Beer consumption was on the rise in the Sunshine state, while the Bison state was on the decline.

Here's the top 5 states that drink the most beer:

5. Wisconsin – 35.5 gallons per year

4. North Dakota – 38.6 gallons per year

3. South Dakota – 38.6 gallons per year

2. Montana – 39.1 gallons per year

1. New Hampshire – 41.7 gallons per year

There might be a good reason why New Hampshire ranks #1. They have no sales tax so thirsty beer lovers from neighboring states will take the drive to save a little money and stock up.

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