Where did you meet the love of your life? Some might say a bar, at church, at a convention, maybe you grew up with the person who became your lifelong love.

And you've probably heard the phrase 'Love is in the air', right?

Well, now it apparently literally is in the air, and aboard an airplane.

The banking institution HSBC says they surveyed 5,000 travelers from across the globe and 1 in 50 say yes, they found love 'in the air'. Even more than that said that, while they didn't find their one-and-only on a flight, they did make a lasting friendship with a fellow passenger. And over half said, ok, ok, it didn't go even quite that far but they did have a friendly conversation with that person sitting beside them

So does this mean that one person you're flirting with might be the one, and the other 49 think those clever lines you're using are a bunch of bunk?

Whatever the case, say 'Howdy' to that person sitting next to you, relax and enjoy your flight!

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