I don't know about you, but good news has been in such short supply over the last year, that when even a tiny morsel comes along, I want to share. But this is a big chunk of great news!

Just this morning, (Monday, November 16), Moderna Pharmaceutical announced the results of its clinical trial data. Those results indicate that the vaccine they developed and have been testing has an efficacy rate of 94.5%! This is even higher than the recently announced Pfizer company's vaccine rated at 90%.

When you juxtapose that effectiveness rate with last year's flu vaccine, it is easier to understand the importance of this revelation. The overall flu vaccine effectiveness rate for the 2018-2019 flu season was only 29% according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

CNN online is reporting that Moderna said that there were no "serious side effects" from the vaccine, with only a few people reporting body aches or a headache. They will be applying to the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) for authorization (permission to move forward with public vaccination) "after it accumulates more safety data later this month".

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S.'s top infectious disease doctor said, "It's just as good as it gets -- 94.5% is truly outstanding." He also said that vaccinations would begin with "high priority groups, which include health care workers, the elderly, and people with underlying medical conditions" in the second half of December and be available for everyone else next spring.

Unfortunately, for most of us, that means Christmas is still going to a risky proposition, if you're traveling, or gathering with others. On the upside, we're getting ever closer to the end of this global nightmare.

Read more about this great news at CNN Online.

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