Anjulie is a Juno Award-winning Canadian pop artist and songwriter whose music has appeared on shows like The Hills and The Vampire Diaries. Below, she shares an exclusive essay written for PopCrush, as well as debuts her powerful new Lola Blanc-directed music video.

In support of International Women’s Day (March 8), this is a video written, produced, directed and performed by women—but not to worry: No men were harmed, bullied, oppressed or harassed during the making of it!

"Dancing With Girls" is about the unshakeable solace, safety, freedom and solidarity found in female friendship. The story we were told and sold for years is one of false scarcity; [that] there can only be a select few, so we have to claw at the breadcrumbs of power by tearing each other down.

In reality, there has always been a volcano of unwavering support and encouragement between us that helped activate a thick, red hot lava of storytelling and art, spreading out defiantly and revealing our deepest pain, anger, sadness, vulnerability and empathy.

Anything feminine, those things seen as mushy and gooey, were cast as weak, feeble and embarrassing. Turns they are strong. Turns out they are fiery and explosive.

It turns out all that emotional magma hardens to create something new.

This song is for everyone who trades their diamonds for volcanic rock.

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