Is this really how some people park on a busy day in Sioux Falls? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. But this driver wasn't in "park" at all, and that was the problem.

Take a random drive around the city on any day of the week and you're likely to find parking jobs just as egregious as the one in this photo. It's something you can't help but get upset at, yet seemingly a large percentage of the people who live in this town are guilty of bad parking. But this? It's absolutely unacceptable. Especially considering where it took place.

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credit: Google Street View 360
credit: Google Street View 360

As you can see in the above photo, the parking lot in question is at 2715 W 41st St, Sioux Falls, and is home to the Original Pancake House, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Pizza Ranch, and numerous other businesses. It's a high-traffic area, especially on weekends, which is when the cover photo was taken.

As I pulled into a parking spot last Saturday, preparing for a delicious brunch at the Original Pancake House, I couldn't help but notice the way this Corvette had parked.

In what world is this considered acceptable, especially in a busy parking lot on a Saturday afternoon? The answer, of course, is it's never acceptable. Was the driver in a hurry? Did they feel entitled? A little bit of both? And did they hit the vehicle next to them? Or maybe, the Kia intentionally parked up against the Corvette to prove a point?

While I don't have all of the answers, I did notice the Sioux Falls Police Department leaving the area as I was walking out of OPH. At that moment, I also happened to catch the driver of the Corvette pulling out of the parking lot. And yes, there was clearly a large scratch on the driver's side front end.

In an update to the story, it turns out the driver never intended to park the car like this at all. According to Martha Huisman, who was coming out of the boot barn at the time, the Corvette was in neutral, was moving in the direction of her vehicle, but then veered into the KIA after driving over a bump. Had the parking break been engaged and the care put in park, it appears this all could have been avoided.

The point is, when you're parking, keep others in mind because it's not all about you. For the safety of everyone else, obey the rules and park properly. It only takes a few extra seconds to ensure you're parked inside the lines, making sure your vehicle's park break is engaged as well, as this is a crucial component of parking.

So, please, park in a safe manner, Sioux Falls...


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