I noticed a green light on my neighbors green porch and thought it was an early Christmas light change, but wondered why it was only one light. Once I saw the commercial for what Green Lighting a Vet meant ,I made plans to pick up a green light for my porch the next day.

Green Light a Vet is calling on Americans from coast to coast to display green lights at their homes and workplaces, a symbolic show of gratitude for the service and sacrifice.

“A veteran can sit for an average of twenty-two weeks in unemployment between their last military paycheck and a new job ... and they just need to know there is a support network out there for them." said Chris Erickson, an Army veteran and resident at FleishmanHillard, a marketing agency helping Walmart promote Greenlight A Vet.

There are some great pictures on the sites homepage of porches, and businesses participating in the Green Light a Vet Project. To see people participating around the country, or to post your own show of support click here.

The meaning behind the color green, according to GreenLightaVet.com is because:

Green is the color of hope, renewal and well-being. "Greenlight" is also a term commonly used to activate forward movement. The simple gesture of changing one light to green creates a beacon of support and appreciation, and a visible symbol symbol of our commitment to "greenlight" veterans forward as valued members of our communities.


Photo By Travis Jacobs

Sources: Greenlightavet.com

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