There are daily flights in and out of Sioux Falls between Las Vegas but a return flight on Sunday, April 8 was more eventful than most.

KSFY TV is reporting that Allegiant Flight 456 from Las Vegas to Sioux Falls was attempting to land just before noon Sunday, when the heavy snow and wind caused the plane to slide about 20 feet off the runway.

The 4.5 inches of snow and blizzard conditions were the contributing factors in the incident. According to KSFY TV the plane slid past the runway Sunday morning. A spokeswoman with Allegiant said the plane touched down where it was supposed to on the runway, but the snow and wind caused it to slide off.

Other planes were delayed from landing as the runway was shut down, while passengers were evacuated by bus back to the terminal.

KSFY TV also indicated that nobody was hurt in the landing.

What happens in Sioux Falls stays in Sioux Falls!

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