One Direction has been on 'hiatus' for a little over a year and with Liam Payne releasing his first single, we now have solo music from each member.

I could be mistaken, but I believe One Direction is one of the only boy bands that has produced some sort of solo music from each member.

So, I thought we could take this time to listen to each member's most recent musical endeavor and see how they're doing.

Of course, Zayn Malik was the first to leave the group. He's had a few singes since he left, but his latest release is "Still Got Time" featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR. In this song and video, much like a lot of his other songs, he is really trying to separate himself from the squeaky clean image of One Direction, note the drinking and smoking.

Next up, Niall Horan. He is taking a little bit more of the singer/songwriter approach. His first single was "This Town" and now "Slow Hands" is his follow up. He is also singing about more mature subjects, but in a little more subtle way than Zayn. These guys are growing up so fast.

Louis Tomlinson hasn't released a solo song technically, but he was featured on Steve Aoki's song "Just Hold On." Also, Louis became a dad since One Direction has been on hiatus.

Harry Styles was the 'golden' boy in One Direction. Everybody thought he would be the breakout star. He was compared to Mick Jagger and Justin Timberlake. Harry finally released his solo album just a couple weeks ago and it is not only getting rave reviews, but seems to be popular with music fans. He went for a little more of a classic/glam rock vibe. It sounds old and new at the same time. His first single is "Sign of the Times."

And finally we come to Liam Payne. He is the last of the guys to release solo music, but he's been busy. He recently became a dad to son, Bear. Bear is his son with fellow British singer, Cheryl Cole. She was in the girl group Girls Aloud. She is also 10 years his senior. Anyway, Liam's solo effort is called "Strip That Down" and it features Quavo. Liam was recently in the news for saying he wasn't really a fan of Harry's music, but said Harry probably wouldn't like his new music either. Honestly, he has a point. They couldn't be more different. Liam's song is in the pop/R&B/hip-hop vibe and Harry's music is well, not.

So there you have it! Which is your favorite?

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