I'm a little late to the party about this song, but I'm glad I finally found it.

Superfruit is a duo made up of Mitch and Scott, who you may know from a cappella group Pentatonix.

Let me set the scene, I'm perusing the clearance racks at Old Navy the other day and over the speaker I hear something about Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jonathan Taylor Thomas so I had to shazam that right quick.

Lo and behold it's Superfruit's anthem "Heartthrob" and it is all about 90's heartthrobs and  I love it. I might rename the song "My Favorite Things" because it's full of my favorite things!

And then I watched the music video and I died! It's everything pre-pubescent me was in love with! I'm assuming they couldn't get the rights to use some of the heartthrobs real images on their posters, but they ain't fooling me! I spy Devon Sawa, John Stamos, Joey Lawrence, and that guy from 90210, the original, not that remake on The CW.

The lyrics reference Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Chad Michael Murray, Freddie Prinze Jr., and all the members of N Sync. Other 90's references include trapper keepers and Tiger Beat. I was more of a Bop girl myself.

So good!

And just in case you didn't hear some of these lyrics let me clue you in on some of my favorites!

"Frosted tips and a middle part/ TigerBeat said he's off the charts/ Nineties heartthrob"

The bridge is probably my favorite:

"H-E-A-R double T, H-R-O-B
Joey, Lance, and JT
Maybe Chris after a couple drinks
H-E-A-R double T, H-R-O-B
Joey, Lance, and JT
Don't forget JC, he can really sing"

I die!

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