The holidays can be unpredictable. However, one thing is always guaranteed during the holiday season. One or two of your friends will post on social media about the best gift they’ve received this engagement ring.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially entered the "engagement season." This means that some of your Facebook friends may be showing off photos of their new rings and their forever soulmates. I sound like I'm being a bit cynical about the entire idea of a marriage proposal. The truth is I think it's great, and love conquers all. This is why individuals need to find the perfect spots to pop the big question to their significant others.

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You can never go wrong with asking your partner to marry you in one of the many scenic places in Sioux Falls and around the Sioux Empire. The only other huge question is which location is actually the perfect spot to ask for someone’s hand in marriage? Believe it or not, there is actually a list that names all the top places to stage a marriage proposal in Sioux Falls.

Local Sioux Falls photographer, Bethany Melvin created a list that she believes are the top places to propose in Sioux Falls. According to Bethany's website, the top place to propose in Sioux Falls is Falls Park!

In Bethany's professional opinion, "Falls Park might just be the most picturesque place in Sioux Falls, so no matter where you chose to propose, here you’ll have a wonderful view and a special memory. You can go for the high vantage point of the Overlook Tower, down closer by one of the viewing platforms, or even on the bridge!"

She's not wrong! The Falls are perfect during any time of the year, especially around the holidays.

Other enchanting sites that would be the ideal spot for a proposal include Palisades State Park, the Japanese Garden, and even a local winery.

Congratulations if this is your time to propose to someone you love this holiday season! Yay love!


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