When you're taking a nice fall stroll down the bike paths and see a squirrel gathering nuts in a frenzy to get ready for the harsh South Dakota winter, chances are it's a female doing all the work, while the male squirrel is out hanging with his buddies.

Apparently, male squirrels don’t lift a paw to help out females.

Researchers hooked squirrels up with tiny GPS fitness bands and found that male squirrels are lazy, no-good slackers, spending their days lounging around – while the females do most of the hard work.

The females care for babies, find nuts, and store food away for winter. The males, on the other hand, do little more than leave their burrows each day to hang out.

Not cool, dudes. Not cool.

Unfortunately for these male squirrels, their laziness comes at a cost ... the males are more likely to get eaten by a fox or an eagle.

Just a little furry karma right there.

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