Hey remember a few weeks ago when that billboard for the TV show Adam Ruins Everything showed up in the Black Hills? We now have a few more specifics about it.

Seen on highway 16 in Rapid City. As KOTA-TV reports, the billboard says, "Only 20 miles until Mount Rushmore, it was built on stolen Native American land."

One of the best, and most important, shows on TV right now is Adam Ruins Everything on Tru TV. Hosted by comedian Adam Conover, the show picks a topic for each episode and debunks myths and misconceptions about that topic.

In a new episode premiering Tuesday (September 18, 2017) called Adam Ruins His Vacation, Conover looks at popular vacation spots; taking aim at Hawaii, Las Vegas and it looks like Mount Rushmore.

As much as I love the show, I have to admit I had an uncomfortable twinge when I saw that the show had turned its eye on South Dakota.

In previous episodes the show has looked at the wild west, football, immigration and shopping. It's a very funny, well sourced, and enlightening program. At the core of each demystifying quest is the message that the truth about things is often better than the myths and lies that have grown up around something.

Here's the report from KOTA-TV from August:


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