If you've ever felt alone, you need to grab your headphones and listen to Adam Lambert's new song "Ghost Town" ASAP.

The chillingly heartbreaking song starts off with a few solitude strums on a guitar before Adam's haunting vocals kick in.

"Died last night in my dreams / Walking the streets of some old ghost town / I tried to believe in God and James Dean / But Hollywood sold out," he sings. "Saw all of the saints lock up the gates / I could not enter / Walked into the flames / Called out your name / But there was no answer."

The chilling imagery totally fits in with the title of the song, but it's the tone of Adam's voice that really takes us to that place of lonesomeness. Even as the song segues into the EDM-tinged chorus, we can still sense how haunted Adam feels.

Adam teased fans with two small snippets of "Ghost Town" before releasing the full-length track on April 21. It was definitely worth the wait — the song is incredible.

The singer previously spoke with HUNGER TV about the track, revealing, "The first single feels like the perfect introduction to The Original High. It establishes itself in a very earthy, vulnerable way and transforms into a hypnotic dream full of surreal imagery and set to a minimal yet massive deep house beat. The hook will worm its way into your ears after the first listen. Get ready!”

In even more exciting Adam Lambert news, the singer revealed the artwork and track list for The Original High (see both below), which is expected to drop on June 16. One thing we're insanely curious about are the collaborations with Tove Lo and Queen's Brian May.

Adam Lambert The Original High cover album art

Adam Lambert, The Original High track list:

1. "Ghost Town"
2. "The Original High"
3. "Another Lonely Night"
4. "Underground"
5. "There I Said It"
6. "Rumor" feat. Tove Lo
7. "Evil in the Night"
8. "Lucy" feat. Brian May
9. "Things I Didn't Say"
10. "The Light"
11. "Heavy Fire"
12. "After Hours" (Bonus Track)
13. "Shame" (Bonus Track)
14. "These Boys" (Bonus Track)

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