You may know Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL) from movie and TV roles like 3rd Rock From the Sun, 10 Things I Hate About You, and 500 Days of Summer, just to name a few. But did you know he has a collaborative arts company with his brother called Hit Record?

Well, he does. Hit Record is a place for artists to come together and make movies, music, books, and art of all kinds. According to Wikipedia, Hit Record's goal is to make collaborative, cohesive work all while paying their contributors. In 2010, Hit Record sent out $50,000 worth of checks to its contributors. Those contributors are the ones that make up the 80,000 plus members on Hit Record that submit about 1,000 videos, songs, written works, and artwork daily.

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JGL has reached out on his Facebook page to South Dakotans specifically for their photos.

On Facebook, he stated, "Hi again, South Dakota! I'm still looking for a few more photos of South Dakota for our project."

That project is called Our United States. On the Hit Record's website, the project is described, "Let's celebrate our great American states! Check out the open prompts to join in and create something to share what you love about your state."

There are prompts for photos, videos, and even voiceovers of your state's motto or slogan.

From my research, I'm not sure what the final project is supposed to be, but it's still a cool idea!

If you would like to submit photos to the Our United States project, click here.

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