Some people hunt antlered beings, or feathered creatures, but I feel like I am a hunter of a different sorts. I prefer to hunt incredible stories.

I look for interesting written stories in books, songs, movies, and anywhere someone has crafted the adventure of storytelling.

It feels like a hunt at times, because you can't just post up at a movie theater and hope they come to you.

Over the years I have been able to count on the Logan Luxury 5 Cinema bringing some great stories.

I don't have a problem taking the drive over to Mitchell if it means the possibility of catching a great story.

I have to credit the Logan Luxury 5 Cinema for bringing a couple gems to their theatres that I've enjoyed.

Last year I made the drive to Mitchell with some family to see Neither Wolf Nor Dog.

Neither Wolf Nor Dog was filmed in South Dakota, but only saw limited theater space in it's home state. I would highly recommend tracking this one down for any fellow movie lovers.

From watching the trailer of the new live action version of The Little Mermaid, I don't think I'm in this stories target audience.

I am sure The Little Mermaid will find no shortage of young hearts and minds to entertain, and an opportunity to meet one of the actors.

Fans have a chance to meet actor and producer Armando Gutierrez from the new live action movie when he makes an appearance at the Logan Luxury 5 Cinema.

For showtimes of the new live action version of The Little Mermaid coming soon to Logan Luxury 5 Cinema check out their website.

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