Are you missing your deer? How about a trailer full?

I discovered the trailer Monday (November 12) afternoon in western Sioux Falls along a residential street. It had a number of nice deer all field dressed with West River tags from hunters here in Sioux Falls and Harrisburg.

After a call to Sioux Falls Metro Communications, I stopped by Game, Fish and Parks Outdoor Campus hoping to talk with a game warden. But their office is closed in observance of Veterans Day.

In the meantime, after arriving back at my office I receive a call from a game warden who was on his way to Sioux Falls from the Humboldt area. Finding it odd that a trailer with six deer and no other vehicle around I explained that it appeared to have been abandoned. Two coolers are in the trailer with one having the lid off but the contents still inside.

It has been confirmed that the trailer was reported missing around 4:00 AM Monday morning between Chamberlain and Sioux Falls after the driver of the vehicle pulling the trailer discovered it wasn't attached. The trailer has South Dakota plates.

The Game, Fish and Parks Department is investigating.

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