There are a lot of activities to participate in during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. But let's face it…the days are long and hot. There truly is no better way to cool off than enjoying a glass of ice-cold lemonade!

A little lemonade stand from 8-year-old Wyatt Dennis is gaining a lot of national attention primarily because Wyatt is only accepting free-will donations. He started the lemonade stand to save money for college, the St. Jude's Children Hospital, and his very own dirt bike.

Well, people including bikers from Sturgis started to notice Wyatt's lemonade stand, and this kid got the surprise of his life.

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KOTA TV ( a Dakota News Now partner) is reporting that the Black Hill Riders group made Wyatt's dream of owning a dirt bike a reality. The president of the Black Hill Riders, Jonathan Alkier, "decided to post on social media so that he could pool enough money to gift Wyatt a new bike. He says donations came in within hours, all around the nation."

The huge smile on Wyatt's face from the Rapid City Police Department's Facebook page says it all!  Wyatt was just speechless. He explained to KOTA TV, “It started with one person that was staying next door in the campground. They shared a post and what do you know, it blew up.” According to Wyatt, he was saving 20% of his lemonade profits for a new dirt bike. Now he's thinking he may own two new bikes!  What a kid!

Jonathan Alkier of the Black Hills Riders says he's just happy that the entire community was able to come together for Wyatt.  Wyatt even created his own Facebook page for his lemonade stand business.  You can check that out here!

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