A Lego franchise store called Bricks & Minifigs is coming to Sioux Falls and the new owners, Jenn and Ryan Dean hope to have the doors open by spring '22. Their start-up idea is timely and bold. According to Pigeon605, The Deans were looking for a career change and building Legos was always a passion. They visited the Bricks & Minifigs in Omaha and one thing led to another.

The Bricks & Minifigs store is a great concept and should be popular - especially if you're parents of Lego-loving kids or just love to build and collect yourself.

You'll be able to purchase new and used sets, collect figurines, and purchase replacement bricks you may be missing. If your kids are like mine and have built Lego City, crafted most of the Eternals, Harry Potter, and Star Wars, this store is a welcome concept.

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41st and Kiwanis (Google Maps Streetview)

Where will the Lego Store Bricks & Minifigs Be Located in Sioux Falls?

The new store will be located in the Shopko Optical and Verizon retail center on the corner of 41st and Kiwanis Avenue in Sioux Falls.

Legos have been around for decades and are still a favorite pastime for millions of kids and adults alike. Its brilliant re-branding with movies and always riding on the latest themes and action have been the golden keys to Lego's success.

There are local Lego leagues that bring out the fiercest competition. High school Lego leagues have traveled far and wide to compete. The Lego craze is here to stay and this concept store should be a success.

Look for a May or June opening and we're excited to see Bricks & Minifigs when it opens its doors!

For more on this fascinating store, check out Jodi Schwan's article in Pigeon 605

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